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How to increase your sphere of influence on WordPress.


By: Elisha Taylor,III20191017_190158

The class was taught by none other than Ms. Aida Correa of Love Built Life. She is a very experienced wordpress blogger who is continuing to increase her prescence in the wordpress community and while embarking on this journey she is helping others.

One of the key things she taught us was that, to increase your prescence in the wordpress community we have to be out there. Collaborating with individuals in the word press community is not hard. Content creators are nice, and are often open to working with others. Collaborating with others can bring traffic to both of the individuals sites and help them gain traffic and fans. When you are blogging never be scared to get your name out there and write about what you are passionate about.



Computer Science, Technology, Computing, Business, WordCamp Orlando 2019

6 Reasons Why Teens Should Attend WordCamp

  1. There are lots of cool and interesting people that can help you get your name out there. If you are aspiring to be a person of great value there are many successful experts at these events that can help put you on the map!
  2. If you have a brand or business, come on out here and promote yourself! You can gain attention and traffic to your website. This can lead to having many future clients. The publicity is worth it!
  3. Take notes: There are numerous ways to increase your learning and help you pursue your career choice and experts that are in that field. Learning skills from experienced people can help increase your knowledge and yourself. Talking with these individuals and pitching out ideas can go a long way.
  4. If there is a topic that you are passionate about come and speak. Apply to speak and share your knowledge. People in the WordPress community are willing to listen.
  5. The WordCamp events are a great platform to get you and your brand kick started and thrown into the mainstream. It is easy to get publicity!
  6. Overall, the individuals that attend WordCamp are cool, kind, and open minded. Its a great place to social network and get your name out there.
Computer Science, Technology, Computing, Business, WordCamp Orlando 2019

4 things I Learned at WordCamp Orlando 2019

1.It is crucial to talk and interact with others at WordCamp.
Social networking is a crucial part in attending. WordCamp were
specifically designed for a community to bounce ideas off of each
other and promote each other.


2.Everyone should make their own website. We are in an age where
websites are becoming a must have like business cards. Websites are
good at displaying to the world and future clients who you are and why
they should work with you.
Overall, websites are a must have.

3.Always be safe on the Internet.
Many digital criminals on the web are lurking everywhere. At the local
grocery store, restaurant, and could even be your neighbor. To combat these
people you need to invest in a VPN – Virtual Private Network.
VPN’s help to protect you from these criminals and gives off its own private wifi signal that only you will have access to.

4.PHP is a web development programming language. It stands for Hyper text pre-processor and personal home pages.

Computer Science, Technology, Computing, Business

The Journey Begins


Elisha Taylor III – “Journey Through The Motherboard”

Congratulations, Elisha is a sophomore in high school in Duval County Public Schools.
Attends Paxon High School for Advanced Studies, an A & B honors students with
dreams of attending MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Concluding MIT Elisha wants to follow in the foot steps of his role model Bill Gates where he hopes to surpass
Mr. Gates in making technology available to the world to improve the human
condition and solve current and future challenges.

Below are Mr. Taylor’s “Journey Through The Motherboard”
his experiences while working to achieve his dreams in life.

Bio for Elisha Taylor III
Elisha Taylor III is a 15 year old 10th grade student
currently attending Paxon School for Advanced Studies in
Jacksonville Florida. A grade point average of 3.8.
He is the son of proud parents Elisha and Natalie Taylor Jr.
Elisha is an A/B Honor Roll student with a special interest
in the diverse area of computer sciences. His hopes for the
future are to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology
in order to advance his career in cutting edge technologies.
He travels with is mentor and brother in Christ
William Jackson of My Quest To Teach
Elisha participate in community events and activities that
service his community of Jacksonville, Florida. A member of
Northbound Church of Christ.


2018 Activities and Events
Attended Florida Blogging and Technology Conference